Tuesday, January 6, 2009

XML for Dummies or Microsoft Project 2007 Bible

XML for Dummies

Author: Lucinda Dykes

See how XML works for business needs and RSS feeds

Create consistency on the Web, or tag your data for different purposes

Tag — XML is it! XML tags let you share your format as well as your data, and this handy guide will show you how. You'll soon be using this markup language to create everything from Web sites to business forms, discovering schemas and DOCTYPES, wandering the Xpath, teaming up XML with Office 2003, and more.

Discover how to

• Make information portable

• Use XML with Word 2003

• Store different types of data

• Convert HTML documents to XHTML

• Add CSS to XML

• Understand and use DTDs

Table of Contents:
Pt. IXML basics9
Ch. 1Getting to know XML11
Ch. 2Using XML for many purposes23
Ch. 3Slicing and dicing data categories : the art of taxonomy33
Pt. IIXML and the Web45
Ch. 4Adding XHTML for the Web47
Ch. 5Putting together an XML file65
Ch. 6Adding character(s) to XML83
Ch. 7Handling formatting with CSS95
Pt. IIIBuilding in validation with DTDs and schemas109
Ch. 8Understanding and using DTDs111
Ch. 9Understanding and using XML schema135
Ch. 10Building a custom XML schema157
Ch. 11Modifying an existing schema173
Pt. IVTransforming and processing XML195
Ch. 12Handling transformations with XSL197
Ch. 13The XML path language215
Ch. 14Processing XML235
Pt. VXML application development245
Ch. 15Using XML with Web services247
Ch. 16XML and forms259
Ch. 17Serving up the data : XML and databases271
Ch. 18XML and RSS285
Pt. VIThe part of tens299
Ch. 19XML tools and technologies301
Ch. 20Ten top XML applications313
Ch. 21Ten ultimate XML resources321

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Microsoft Project 2007 Bible

Author: Elaine Marmel

Take control of your projects with this in-depth guide

Whether you're managing a project for a small team or supervising a corporate assignment involving hundreds, the power of Microsoft Project 2007 and the detailed information in this comprehensive guide can keep you on track. From setting budgets to allocating resources to tracking results, each of the book's seven parts thoroughly focuses on key elements in a logical sequence so you can find what you need.

• Identify your goals and the scope of your projects

• Manage projects across organizations and multiple locations

• Get the most out of Gantt charts and views

• Assign tasks, check progress, and make adjustments

• Issue interim reports and look at the Big Picture

• Create a custom HTML page with VBA and VBScript

• Import and export Project information

What's on the CD-ROM?

You'll find a wealth of trial versions, demo software, sample projects, and bonus appendixes on the CD-ROM, including

• Milestones Professional(r) - Advanced formatting, calculation, Web publishing, and reporting features

• PERT Chart Expert - Create eye-opening PERT chart project plans

• PlanView(r) Project Portfolio Management - A comprehensive decision-making platform for enterprises

• WBS Chart Pro - Plan your projects with these graphing tools

System Requirements: See the CD-ROM Appendix for details and complete system requirements.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part ofeBook file.

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