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Windows Vista or Solidworks for Dummies

Windows Vista: Top 100 Simplified Tips & Tricks

Author: Paul McFedries

You already know Windows Vista basics. Now you'd like to go beyond with shortcuts, tricks, and tips that let you work smarter and faster. And because you learn more easily when someone shows you how, this is the book for you. Inside, you'll find clear, illustrated instructions for 100 tasks that reveal cool secrets, teach timesaving tricks, and explain great tips guaranteed to make you more productive with Windows Vista.

5-star visual learning system
* Minimal text and maximum illustrations
* Task-oriented, step-by-step approach
* Navigational aids connect instructions to illustrations
* Self-contained, two-page lessons
* Uniform layout makes it easy to read less, learn more

How easy is it?

Look for these symbols marking the difficulty of each task.
* Demonstrates a new spin on a common task
* Introduces a new skill or a new task
* Combines multiple skills requiring in-depth knowledge
* Requires extensive skill and may involve other technologies

Table of Contents:
Make Windows Vista Faster and More Efficient
Create Shortcuts for Your Favorite Programs     4
Adjust Visual Effects for Best Performance     6
Ensure Windows Vista Is Optimized for Programs     8
Improve Performance with a USB Flash Drive     10
Run a Program with Elevated Privileges     12
Make Your File Searches Run Faster     14
Hear an Alert When You Press the Caps Lock Key     16
Display More Programs on Your Start Menu     18
Launch Control Panel Icons Faster by Using a Menu     20
Update a Device Driver to Ensure Top Device Performance     22
Set Up Windows Vista the Way You Want
Pin an Item to Your Start Menu     28
Remove an Item from Your Start Menu     29
Add the Run Command to the Start Menu     30
Display a Clock for Another Time Zone     32
Automatically Move the Mouse to the Default Button     34
Hide the Taskbar to Get More Screen Space     36
Run a Program in Compatibility Mode     38
Configure AutoPlay Actions     40
Change a Disk Drive's Letter     42
Scale the Screen to Make Text More Readable     44
Control the Notification Area Icons     46
Enrich Your Media Experience
Rotate anImage     50
Repair a Digital Photo     52
Categorize Your Images with Tags     54
Create Custom Names for Imported Images     56
Synchronize a Media Device     58
Create an Automatic Playlist     60
Adjust Rip Settings     62
Customize the Media Player View     64
Share Your Media Library with Others     66
Display the Windows Media Player Toolbar     68
Get the Most Out of Your Files and Folders
Open Your Files and Folders with a Single-Click     72
Open a File with a Different Program     74
Add Destinations to Your Send To Menu     76
Protect a File by Making It Read-Only     78
Perform an Advanced File Search     80
Save Time by Saving and Reusing a Search     84
Find Files Faster by Sorting and Filtering     86
Organize Files by Grouping and Stacking     88
Move Your Documents Folder     90
Restore a Previous Version of a File     92
Enhance Internet Security and Privacy
Protect Children by Activating Parental Controls     96
Avoid Objectionable Material by Filtering Web Content     98
Scan for Spyware to Remove Malicious Software     100
Play Web Page Media Safely and Privately     102
Set the Junk E-Mail Protection Level to Avoid Spam     104
Add a Person to Your Blocked Senders List     106
Block Messages from a Country to Reduce Spam     108
Add a Person to Your Safe Senders List     110
Prevent Windows Mail from Sending a Read Receipt     112
Configure Windows Mail to Thwart E-Mail Viruses     114
Unleash the Power of Internet Explorer
Save Time by Automatically Switching to New Tabs     118
View Open Pages as Quick Tabs     120
Open Multiple Pages When You Start Internet Explorer     122
Subscribe to a Web Feed to See New Site Content     124
Set the Web Feed Refresh Frequency     126
Improve Searching by Adding Search Engines     128
Customize the Links Bar for Easier Surfing     130
Save Web Sites Longer to Surf More Efficiently     132
Delete Your Browsing History to Ensure Privacy     134
View Pop-Up Ads from a Specific Web Site     136
Make E-Mail Easier
Leave Your Messages on the Server     140
Change Your Message Priority     141
E-Mail Multiple People Using a Contact Group     142
Protect Your Contacts by Creating a Backup Copy     144
E-Mail an Electronic Business Card     146
Change the Location of Your Message Store     148
Activate the Spell Checker to Eliminate Message Errors     150
Create a Rule Quickly from a Message     152
Synchronize a Newsgroup to Read Posts Offline     154
Improve a Newsgroup by Rating Its Posts     156
Enhance Your Computer's Security and Privacy
Protect a File or Folder with Permissions     160
Add a Password to Your User Account     162
Require Ctrl+Alt+Delete Before Logging On     164
Lock Your Computer to Prevent Others from Using It     166
Prevent Others from Starting Your Computer     168
Hide Recently Used Documents to Enhance Privacy     170
Prevent Malicious Code from Running     172
Switch to Advanced Sharing to Improve Security     174
Safeguard Your Computer with a System Image Backup     176
Allow a Program through Windows Firewall     178
Encrypt Confidential Files and Folders     180
Get More Out of Your Notebook and Tablet PC
Set Battery Alarms to Avoid Running Out of Power     184
Create a Custom Power Plan to Improve Battery Life     186
Define Actions for Notebook Power Buttons     188
Adjust Settings to Give a Better Presentation     190
Use Pen Flicks to Scroll and Edit Documents     192
Calibrate the Tablet Pen for Accurate Tapping     194
Capture Part of the Screen with a Tablet Pen     196
Automatically Insert Handwritten Characters     198
Improve Handwriting Recognition by Enabling Automatic Learning     200
Maximize Windows Vista Networking
View the Current Status of Your Network     204
Run the Network Diagnostics Tool to Repair Problems     206
Personalize Your Network Name and Icon     208
Display a Network Folder as a Disk Drive     210
Share a Folder with Other Users on the Network     212
Protect Your Shared Folders with Advanced File Permissions     214
Work with Network Files Offline     216
Manually Connect to a Hidden Wireless Network     218
Reorder Wireless Networks to Improve Connections     220
Introduction     xiii
Consider Your Story and Its Lessons: Do You Have a Medical Condition or a Chemical Imbalance?     1
Explore Your Need for Medication     31
Follow Treatment Guidelines When Medication Is Necessary     49
Include Complementary- and Alternative-Medicine Interventions     61
Make Life Choices That Fit Your Nature      89
Identify the Beliefs That Imprison You, and Reprogram the Brain Circuits Involved     111
Learn the Language of Your Body and Make Friends with Your Inner Healer     133
Share Stories and Build Connections     153
Live in the Power of the Possible     173
Nurture Your Spirit     193
Afterword     217
Glossary     221
Index     225
Acknowledgments     233
About the Author     235

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Solidworks for Dummies

Author: Greg Jankowski

Whether it’s your first venture into 3D technical drawing software or you’re switching to SolidWorks from something else, you’re probably excited about what this CAD program has to offer.   Chances are, you figure it’s going to take awhile to get the hang of it before you can begin cranking out those perfectly precise 3D designs. SolidWorks For Dummies, 2nd Edition, can help you dramatically shorten that get-acquainted period!

SolidWorks For Dummies, 2nd Edition will help you get up and running quickly on the leading 3D technical drawing software. You’ll see how to set up SolidWorks to create the type of drawings your industry requires and how to take full advantage of its legendary 3D features. You’ll discover how to:

• Work with virtual prototypes

• Understand the user interface

• Use templates and sketch, assemble, and create drawings

• Automate the drawing process

• Review drawings and collaborate with other team members

• Define and edit sketches

• Create dimensions and annotations

• Print or plot your drawings

• Leverage existing designs

Sample files on the bonus CD-ROM show you how to apply the latest version of SolidWorks and accomplish specific tasks. Even if you’re brand-new to CAD software, SolidWorks For Dummies, 2nd Edition will have you feeling like a pro in no time. You’ll find you’ve entered a whole new dimension.

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  1. My Solidworks assemblies always look like they are FLOATING. How do i make it look like they are on the ground?

    Solidworks Training