Saturday, January 3, 2009

UNIX for Dummies or Programming Flex 3

UNIX® for Dummies®

Author: John R Levin

• UNIX For Dummies has been the standard for beginning UNIX references for nearly ten years, and this latest edition continues that tradition of success

• This unparalled resource is updated to cover the latest applications of UNIX technology, including Linux and Mac desktops as well as how UNIX works with Microsoft server software

• Thorough coverage of how to handle UNIX installation, file management, software, utilities, networks, Internet access, and other basic tasks

• Aimed at the first-time UNIX desktop user growing accustomed to the ins and outs of the OS, as well as the beginning administrator who needs to get a handle on UNIX networking basics

• Written by John Levine and Margaret Levine Young, longtime UNIX experts and highly experienced For Dummies authors


Gates (CEO, Microsoft Corp.) offers his vision of what lies ahead in the area of new technology and its implications, a history of the Information Age, and projections of how the Information Highway will affect education, business, politics, commerce, and the home. Includes a CD-ROM containing the complete text of the book (why?), multimedia hyperlinks, an interview with Gates, and a World Wide Web browser. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Table of Contents:
Pt. IBefore the Beginning7
Ch. 1Log Me In, UNIX!9
Ch. 2What Is UNIX, Anyway?19
Ch. 3A Few Lines on Linux33
Pt. IISome Basic Stuff39
Ch. 4Opening Windows on UNIX41
Ch. 5Files for Fun and Profit77
Ch. 6Directories for Fun and Profit91
Ch. 7The Shell Game103
Ch. 8Where's That File?119
Ch. 9Printing (The Gutenberg Thing)133
Pt. IIIGetting Things Done147
Ch. 10Writing Deathless Prose149
Ch. 11Umpteen Useful UNIX Utilities175
Ch. 12Installing Software Can Be Trickly185
Ch. 13Juggling a Bunch of Programs199
Ch. 14Taming Linux211
Pt. IVUNIX and the Net217
Ch. 15Your Computer Is Not Alone219
Ch. 16Across a Crowded Network229
Ch. 17Automating Your Office Gossip243
Ch. 18Web Surfing for UNIX Users263
Ch. 19Grabbing Files from the Net279
Ch. 20Now Serving the Internet293
Pt. VHelp!303
Ch. 21Disaster Relief305
Ch. 22The Case of the Missing Files311
Ch. 23Some Programs Just Won't Die325
Ch. 24"My Computer Hates Me"331
Pt. VIThe Part of Tens343
Ch. 25Ten Common Mistakes345
Ch. 26Ten Times More Information Than You Want about UNIX351

Book about: Compliance and Conviction or Modern Latin American Revolutions

Programming Flex 3: The Comprehensive Guide to Creating Rich Media Applications with Adobe Flex

Author: Joey Lott

If you want to try your hand at developing rich Internet applications with Adobe's Flex 3, and already have experience with frameworks such as .NET or Java, this is the ideal book to get you started. Programming Flex 3 gives you a solid understanding of Flex 3's core concepts, and valuable insight into how, why, and when to use specific Flex features. Numerous examples and sample code demonstrate ways to build complete, functional applications for the Web, using the free Flex SDK, and RIAs for the desktop, using Adobe AIR. This book is an excellent companion to Adobe's Flex 3 reference documentation. With this book, you will:

Learn the underlying details of the Flex framework Program with MXML and ActionScript Arrange the layout and deal with UI components Work with media Manage state for applications and components Use transitions and effects Debug your Flex applications Create custom components Embed Flex applications in web browsers Build AIR applications for the desktop

Flex 3 will put you at the forefront of the RIA revolution on both the Web and the desktop. Programming Flex 3 will help you get the most from this amazing and sophisticated technology.

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