Sunday, January 4, 2009

Digital Photography Digital Field Guide or How to Break Web Software

Digital Photography Digital Field Guide

Author: Harold Davis

The digital camera has revolutionized photography. Sporting events, breathtaking landscapes, the mood of the sea, or a child's eyes as a present is opened-capture whatever fascinates you. Learn touse your images in ways only highly skilled professionals could manage a mere decade ago. With this practical guide in your camera bag, you'll have professional advice at your fingertips to help you get great shots, use all your camera's features, download and enhance your photos, and share them in dozens of creative ways.
* Understand digital camera basics
* Learn the secrets for getting a good close-up
* Find out when and why to use RAW format
* Explore dozens of formulas for shooting a variety of scenes, including suggested lenses, settings, and lighting options
* Rid your pictures of red-eye and other imperfections
* Create a slide show, prints, or e-mail- and Web-ready images
* Make the most of your camera's abilities with filters and other accessories

Table of Contents:


Quick Tour: Shooting Your First Digital Photo.

Part I: Using Your Digital Camera.

Chapter 1: Exploring the Digital Camera.

Chapter 2: Preparation and Setup.

Part II: Creating Great Photos with Your Digital Camera.

Chapter 3: Photography Basics.

Chapter 4: Lighting Your Photos.

Chapter 5: Using Accessories and Filters.

Chapter 6: Recipes for Great Photos.

Chapter 7: Editing and Sharing Your Work.

Part III: Appendixes.

Appendix A: Resources.



Go to: Tunisia or Diners of Pennsylvania

How to Break Web Software: Functional and Security Testing of Web Applications and Web Services

Author: Mike Andrews

"The techniques in this book are not an option for testers–they are mandatory and these are the guys to tell you how to apply them!"
–HarryRobinson, Google.

Rigorously test and improve the security of all your Web software!


It’s as certain as death and taxes: hackers will mercilessly attack your Web sites, applications, and services. If you’re vulnerable, you’d better discover these attacks yourself, before the black hats do. Now, there’s a definitive, hands-on guide to security-testing any Web-based software: How to Break Web Software.

In this book, two renowned experts address every category of Web software exploit: attacks on clients, servers, state, user inputs, and more. You’ll master powerful attack tools and techniques as you uncover dozens of crucial, widely exploited flaws in Web architecture and coding. The authors reveal where to look for potential threats and attack vectors, how to rigorously test for each of them, and how to mitigate the problems you find. Coverage includes

·   Client vulnerabilities, including attacks on client-side validation

·   State-based attacks: hidden fields, CGI parameters, cookie poisoning, URL jumping, and session hijacking

·   Attacks on user-supplied inputs: cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and directory traversal

·   Language- and technology-based attacks: buffer overflows, canonicalization, and NULL string attacks

·   Server attacks: SQL Injection with stored procedures, command injection, and server fingerprinting

·   Cryptography, privacy, and attackson Web services

Your Web software is mission-critical–it can’t be compromised. Whether you’re a developer, tester, QA specialist, or IT manager, this book will help you protect that software–systematically.

Companion CD contains full source code for one testing tool you can modify and extend, free Web security testing tools, and complete code from a flawed Web site designed to give you hands-on practice in identifying security holes.

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