Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wireless Guide to Wireless Communications or OpenGL ES Game Programming

Wireless# Guide to Wireless Communications

Author: Jorge Olenewa

Due to the recent emergence of wireless technologies in business, there has been an increase in demand for skilled wireless professionals. This comprehensive hands-on text explores the latest wireless technologies in the networking industry, including Bluetooth, SWAP, Wireless LANs, 802.11a and 802.11b, cellular telephone, broadband, infrared lasers, microwave, spread spectrum, and satellite. Designed for anyone taking an entry-level wireless technology course, this book also offers important historical coverage of wireless technology to show how we got to where we are today and where we can expect to see wireless networks in the future.

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OpenGL-ES Game Programming

Author: Dave Astl

OpenGL ES Game Development provides an in-depth look into the new OpenGL ES standard and what the new embedded systems graphics library will provide for game developers. It compares OpenGL ES to OpenGL, EGL (the new standard windowing APIs for OpenGL ES), game development, and platforms that are currently available. It also provides coverage of the problems involved in mobile game development with OpenGL ES. Additional coverage includes an overview of fixed point math and other areas of cell phone limitation that game developers need to consider before they write mobile games. The authors walk the reader through the steps required to develop a game on multiple mobile platforms, which is the process involved with distributing their game via carriers. This book is ideally suited for readers who have some experience either in making games or in developing applications for cell phones, and who are comfortable with C++ and OpenGL?s core features.

Table of Contents:
Ch. 1Introduction1
Ch. 2The EGL interface5
Ch. 3OpenGL ES35
Ch. 4A fixed point math primer67
Ch. 5Developing OpenGL ES games89
Ch. 6Limitations of the medium125
Ch. 7Audio for mobile devices153
Ch. 83D game engines for mobile devices195
Ch. 9The future239
Ch. 10The mobile business model263

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