Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Practical Algorithms for Image Analysis with CD ROM or Guide to Oracle 10g

Practical Algorithms for Image Analysis with CD-ROM

Author: Lawrence OGorman

In classic "cookbook style," this book offers guided access for researchers and practitioners to techniques for the digital manipulation and analysis of images, ranging from the simplest steps to advanced functions. Drawing on their long experience as users and developers of image analysis algorithms and software, the authors present a description and implementation of the most suitable procedures in easy-to-use form. Each self-contained section treats a single operation, describing typical situations requiring that operation and discussing the algorithm and implementation. Sections start with a "before" and "after" pictorial example and a ready-reference listing typical applications, keywords, and related procedures.This new edition has additional sections on Gabor filtering and on threshholding by connectivity, plus an expanded program listing and suggested projects for classroom use. And now the accompanying CD-ROM contains C programs not only as source code for carrying out the book's procedures but also as executables with a graphical user interface for Windows and Linux.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction;
2. Global image analysis;
3. Gray-scale image analysis;
4. Binary image analysis;
5. Analysis of lines and line patterns;
6. Analysis of point patterns;
7. Frequency domain;
8. Program descriptions;
9. Projects; Appendix: synopsis of important concepts.

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Guide to Oracle 10g

Author: Lannes Morris Murphy

Students will achieve success with extensive end-of-chapter exercises and cases in this introductory Oracle10g text. The Oracle10g Developer Suite on 2 CDs is included with every book to give students more hands-on experience using the database. This comprehensive text provides students with everything they will need to succeed without certification constraints or parameters.

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