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SAP Netweaver For Dummies or Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Resource Kit

SAP Netweaver For Dummies

Author: Dan Woods

Imagine that it’s the 1950s, and you are in charge of developing the U. S. interstate system. There are countless roads already in use. The system can go in numerous different directions. Where do you begin?

Starting to transform your business with SAP NetWeaver is that daunting. NetWeaver is both an application platform and an integration platform. It integrates your current IT systems to enable portals, collaboration, data management, and development environments. To grasp the complexities and possibilities of SAP ASAP, dig in with SAP NetWeaver For Dummies and explore:

• MySAP Business Suite

• SAP Enterprise Planning Resource (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), and more

• Mobile Infrastructure that performs like a universal translator for mobile interfaces, including laptops, wireless phones, and PDAs

• Master Data Management, including using the content consolidation technique to “clean up” data, master data harmonization to distribute it, and central master data management to maintain a data repository

• Web Application Service and NetWeaver Developer Studio—tools that let you integrate and create your own customized applications

Written by Dan Woods, former CTO of The and CapitalThinking, and Jeffrey Word, the Director of Technology Strategy for SAP, this guide features real-life stories from businesses and examples of typical uses to help you cut through the complexities and get upand running. It includes a CD-ROM with:

• Detailed white papers and product overviews

• Stores from customers using SAP NetWeaver today

• Demos that show SAP NetWeaver in action

• A directory of resources for additional information

Like that interstate system, SAP NetWeaver doesn’t have to be integrated all at once. You choose the applications that have the most potential to benefit your company’s operations and bottom line. SAP NetWeaver For Dummies even gives you recommendations for rolling it out and suggests practical ways to get started and get quick returns on your SAP investment. Then you’re going full-speed ahead on the road to success!

Table of Contents:
Pt. IEnterprise software basics7
Ch. 1SAP NetWeaver : the new foundation of IT9
Ch. 2Primordial acronym soup : the origins of enterprise21
Ch. 3Meet SAP NetWeaver41
Ch. 4The birth of a solution65
Ch. 5A blueprint for the future81
Ch. 6The evolution of mySAP business suite103
Ch. 7Composite applications and SAP xApps : flexible and reusable innovation117
Pt. IIThe cast of components133
Ch. 8SAP enterprise portal : something for everyone135
Ch. 9SAP mobile infrastructure : information hits the road157
Ch. 10SAP gives business intelligence173
Ch. 11Mastering SAP master date management193
Ch. 12Exchanging data207
Ch. 13SAP web application server : the cornerstone of SAP NetWeaver229
Pt. IIIA nifty development toolkit241
Ch. 14SAP NetWeaver developer studio243
Ch. 15Visual composer : going codeless253
Ch. 16Composite solutions265
Ch. 17Tying it all together : SAP solution manager285
Pt. IVSAP NetWeaver in action299
Ch. 18The world of internal portals301
Ch. 19Deploying web services313
Ch. 20SAP R/3 and then some323
Ch. 21Making sense of data : analytics and reporting333
Ch. 22Doing the application-to-application thing343
Ch. 23Custom made : composite applications353
Pt. VRolling out SAP NetWeaver365
Ch. 24Plans and people367
Ch. 25Information station377
Ch. 26Nifty implementation processes and swell software383
Pt. VIThe part of tens391
Ch. 27Ten (or so) ways to get started with SAP NetWeaver393
App.: About the CD397

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Resource Kit

Author: Kay Unkroth

Get the definitive resource for administering Exchange 2003--with in-depth technical information and tools developed by the Microsoft Exchange Server team. This exhaustive, 1,000+ page reference delivers the information you need to design solutions that meet your business and technical objectives, accelerate deployments, implement best practices, avoid problems, and meet the requirements of your service level agreements. Topics include planning, deployment, administration, automation, security services, monitoring, optimization, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery. You also get a CD packed with essential tools, administrative scripts, job aids, and a fully searchable eBook--everything you need to help save time and reduce ownership and support costs.

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