Monday, February 16, 2009

Object Oriented Design Heuristics or Security Patterns

Object-Oriented Design Heuristics

Author: Arthur Riel

Object-Oriented Design Heuristics offers insight into object-oriented design improvement. The more than sixty guidelines presented in this book are language-independent and allow you to rate the integrity of a software design. The heuristics are not written as hard and fast rules; they are meant to serve as warning mechanisms which allow the flexibility of ignoring the heuristic as necessary. This tutorial-based approach, born out of the author's extensive experience developing software, teaching thousands of students, and critiquing designs in a variety of domains, allows you to apply the guidelines in a personalized manner. The heuristics cover important topics ranging from classes and objects (with emphasis on their relationships including association, uses, containment, and both single and multiple inheritance) to physical object-oriented design. You will gain an understanding of the synergy that exists between design heuristics and the popular concept of design patterns; heuristics can highlight a problem in one facet of a design while patterns can provide the solution. Programmers of all levels will find value in this book. The newcomer will discover a fast track to understanding the concepts of object-oriented programming. At the same time, experienced programmers seeking to strengthen their object-oriented development efforts will appreciate the insightful analysis. In short, with Object-Oriented Design Heuristics as your guide, you have the tools to become a better software developer.

Table of Contents:
1The Motivation for Object-Oriented Programming1
2Classes and Objects: The Building Blocks of the Object-Oriented Paradigm11
3Topologies of Action-Oriented Versus Object-Oriented Applications29
4The Relationships Between Classes and Objects53
5The Inheritance Relationship75
6Multiple Inheritance131
7The Association Relationship143
8Class-Specific Data and Behavior151
9Physical Object-Oriented Design159
10The Relationship Between Heuristics and Patterns183
11The Use of Heuristics in Object-Oriented Design199
A Heuristics Summary219
B Memory Leakage in C++225
C Selected C++ Examples245

Book review: Urteil im Bilden der Unternehmerischen Entscheidung

Security Patterns: Integrating Security and Systems Engineering

Author: Duane Hybertson

Most security books are targeted at security engineers and specialists. Few show how build security into software. None breakdown the different concerns facing security at different levels of the system: the enterprise, architectural and operational layers. Security Patterns addresses the full spectrum of security in systems design, using best practice solutions to show how to integrate security in the broader engineering process.

• Essential for designers building large-scale systems who want best practice solutions to typical security problems

• Real world case studies illustrate how to use the patterns in specific domains

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