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Phpeclipse User Guide or Information Technology Governance and Service Management

Phpeclipse User Guide

Author: Shu Wai Chow

PHPEclipse brings PHP functionality to the Eclipse platform, enhancing it as an environment for developing web applications and focusing on what PHP web developers need to create an application. PHPEclipse’s development is active and its tool-set provides everything you need to write web applications in PHP.

The fusion of Eclipse, the leading open source development environment, and PHP is an exciting prospect for web developers. This book makes sure that you are up and running as quickly as possible, ready to take full advantage of PHPEclipse's tuned PHP development tools, without requiring any prior knowledge of Eclipse.

You will begin with installing and configuring PHPEclipse, before moving onto a tour of the Eclipse environment, familiarizing you with its main components. As a plug-in to Eclipse, PHPEclipse is able to harness the platform to provide a rich and powerful development experience.

For helping you improve the efficiency of your PHP coding, the book details the powerful editing features of PHPEclipse, and shows you how to use it to better organize your application code.

You will see how PHPEclipse helps you throughout the development lifecycle, and learn how to use PHPEclipse's debugger to troubleshoot and step through your PHP code as it executes. The book rounds off with coverage of accessing databases and managing source code from within the Eclipse environment. For the final step for your application, you will learn how to deploy your to a production server.

Features include : debugging, using PHPDocumentor, the QuantumDB plug-in, managing your source code repository, deployment using FTP, SFTP, WebDav andAnt.
1904811442.jpg Shu-Wai Chow has worked in computer programming and information
technology for the past eight years. He started his career in
Sacramento, California, spending four years as the webmaster for
Educaid, a First Union Company and another four years at Vision Service
Plan as an application developer. Through the years, he has become
proficient in Java, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, LDAP, XSLT, and XSL-FO.
Shu has also been the volunteer webmaster and a feline adoption
counselor for the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Animals. He is currently a software engineer at Antenna Software in
Jersey City, New Jersey.

Born in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong, Shu did most of his
alleged growing up in Palo Alto, California. He studied anthropology
and economics at California State University, Sacramento. He lives
along the New Jersey Coast with seven very demanding cats, three birds
that are too smart for their own good, a cherished Fender Stratocaster,
and a beloved, saint-like girlfriend.

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Information Technology Governance and Service Management: Frameworks and Adaptations

Author: Aileen Cater Steel

"Increasingly, information technology governance is being considered an integral part of corporate governance. There has been a rapid increase in awareness and adoption of IT governance as well as the desire to conform to national governance requirements to ensure that IT is aligned with the objectives of the organization." Information Technology Governance and Service Management: Frameworks and Adaptations provides an in-depth view into the critical contribution of IT service management to IT governance, and the strategic and tactical value provided by effective service management. A must-have resource for academics, students, and practitioners in fields affected by IT in organizations, this work gathers authoritative perspectives on the state of research on organizational challenges and benefits in current IT governance frameworks, adoption, and incorporation.

Table of Contents:

Sect. I Reviews of IT Governance Research

Ch. I The Current State of Information Technology Governance Literature Sherrena Buckby Buckby, Sherrena Peter Best Best, Peter Jenny Stewart Stewart, Jenny 1

Ch. II IT Governance-Based IT Strategy and Management: Literature Review and Future Research Directions Junghoon Lee Lee, Junghoon Changjin Lee Lee, Changjin 44

Ch. III IT Governance: A Critical Review ofthe Literature David Musson Musson, David 63

Sect. II IT Governance Case Studies

Ch. IV Adoption and Implementation of IT Governance: Cases from Australian Higher Education Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya Bhattacharjya, Jyotirmoyee Vanessa Chang Chang, Vanessa 82

Ch. V Tailoring COBIT for Public Sector IT Audit: An Australian Case Study Lynne Gerke Gerke, Lynne Gail Ridley Ridley, Gail 101

Ch. VI Comprehensive Architecture Rationalization and Engineering Tony C. Shan Shan, Tony C. Winnie W. Hua Hua, Winnie W. 125

Ch. VII A Comparative Case Study ofThree Korean Firms: Applying an IT Governance Framework Junghoon Lee Lee, Junghoon Jung Woo Lee Jung, Woo Lee Ja Young Lee Lee, Ja Young 145

Ch. VIII The Impact of ICT Governance within Australian Companies Breanna O'Donohue O'Donohue, Breanna Graeme Pye Pye, Graeme Matthew J. Warren Warren, Matthew J. 163

Ch. IX Improving ICT Governance: A Radical Restructure Using COBIT and lTIL Mark Toleman Toleman, Mark Aileen Cater-Steel Cater-Steel, Aileen Brian Kissell Kissell, Brian Rob Chown Chown, Rob Michael Thompson Thompson, Michael 178

Sect. III IT Governance: Its Relationship to Business and Other Frameworks

Ch. X Managing IT Security Relationships within Enterprise Control Frameworks Brian Cusack Cusack,Brian 191

Ch. XI Unexplored Linkages between Corporate Governance and IT Governance: An Evaluation and Call to Research Michael A. Borth Borth, Michael A. Randy V. Bradley Bradley, Randy V. 202

Ch. XII I-Fit: Optimizing the Fit between Business and IT Alea Fairchild Fairchild, Alea Martin Smits Smits, Martin Piet Ribbers Ribbers, Piet Erik van Geel van Geel, Erik Geert Snijder Snijder, Geert 221

Ch. XIII Competence of Information Technology Professionals in Internet-Based Ventures Tobias Kollmann Kollmann, Tobias Mattias Hasel Hasel, Mattias 239

Ch. XIV The Role of Maturity Models in IT Governance: A Comparison of the Major Models and Their Potential Benefits to the Enterprise G. Philip Rogers Rogers, G. Philip 254

Ch. XV Governance of Software Development: The Transition to Agile Scenario Yael Dubinsky Dubinsky, Yael Avi Yaeli Yaeli, Avi Yishai Feldman Feldman, Yishai Emmanuel Zarpas Zarpas, Emmanuel Gil Nechushtai Nechushtai, Gil 266

Ch. XVI The Governance Implications When it is Outsourced Anne C. Rouse Rouse, Anne C. 285

Ch. XVII IT Portfolio Management: A Pragmatic Approach to Implement IT Governance Muralidharan Ramakrishnan Ramakrishnan, Muralidharan 297

Ch. XVIII Applying Organizational Theories to Realize Adaptive IT Governance and Service Management Andrew Dowse Dowse, Andrew Edward Lewis Lewis, Edward 313

Sect. IV IT Service Management Frameworks

Ch. XIX Implementing IT Service Management: Lessons Learned from a University IT Department Jon Iden Iden, Jon 333

Ch. XX A Model for IT Service Strategy Neil Mcbride Mcbride, Neil 350

Ch. XXI An Overview of Models and Standards of Processes in the SE, SwE, and IT Disciplines Manuel Mora Mora, Manuel Ovsei Gelman Gelman, Ovsei Rory O'Connor O'Connor, Rory Francisco Alvarez Alvarez, Francisco Jorge Macias-Luevano Macias-Luevano, Jorge 364

Ch. XXII Perspectives of IT-Service Quality Management: A Concept for Life Cycle Based Quality Management of IT-Services Claus-Peter Praeg Praeg, Claus-Peter Dieter Spath Spath, Dieter 381

Ch. XXIII Measuring Return on Investment from Implementing ITIL: A Review ofthe Literature Chee Ing Tiong Tiong, Chee Ing Aileen Cater-Steel Cater-Steel, Aileen Wui-Gee Tan Tan, Wui-Gee 408

Ch. XXIV Integrated Product Life Cycle Management for Software: CMMI, SPICE, and ISO / IEC 20000 Dirk Malzahn Malzahn, Dirk 423

Compilation of References 443

About the Contributors 483

Index 492

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