Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First LEGO League or Creating Dynamic Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer

First LEGO League: The Unofficial Guide

Author: James Floyd Kelly

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is an international program for kids ages 9 to 14 that combines a hands-on, interactive robotics program and research presentation with a sports-like atmosphere. Authors James Floyd Kelly and Jonathan Daudelin-both participants in numerous FIRST LEGO League competitions-have teamed up to bring coaches, teachers, parents, and students an all-in-one guide to FLL.

Written for both rookie and experienced teams, "FIRST LEGO League: The Unofficial Guide" includes in-depth coverage of topics like team formation and organization, robot building and programming, and the basics of getting involved with FLL. Before the authors delve into the specifics of robot and team building, they reveal the fascinating history of the FIRST organization and the sometimes puzzling structure of the FLL competition. Using a combination of real-life stories and candid commentary from actual FLL teams, as well as recollections of their own experiences, they offer an abundance of helpful guidance and dependable building and programming examples.

"FIRST LEGO League: The Unofficial Guide" explores the complex workings and structure of the FLL competition, including its four key components: Robot Game, Technical Interview, Project, and Teamwork. You'll learn how to: Organize, recruit, and manage a team Find equipment, mentors, and funding Design, build, and program winning robots Tackle each of the four FLL components-from Robot Game to Teamwork Use strategies and techniques from FLL masters to increase your scores

No matter what your role in the FLL competition, "FIRST LEGO League: The Unofficial Guide" will make you a better competitor, builder, designer, andteam member. The onlyingredient you need to add is your competitive spirit!

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Creating Dynamic Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer

Author: J P Terry

In a computer-based world where clients pay bills with the click of a mouse, the ability to design intelligent and engaging online forms is a must. The days of printing out PDF forms, filling them in and returning them via snail-mail have ended. In Creating Dynamic Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer, you will learn about the design and technical issues of XML-based PDF forms. The book covers LiveCycle Designer 7.0, 7.1, 8.0 and ES (Enterprise Suite). Packed with tips, hints, guidelines, and illustrations, this book serves as a great resource for both beginners and advanced designers and programmers. 

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