Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CLR Via C or Why Mr Right Cant Find You

CLR Via C#

Author: Jeffrey Richter

In this new edition of Jeffrey Richter's popular Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming, you get focused, pragmatic guidance on how to exploit the common language runtime (CLR) functionality in .NET Framework 2.0 for applications of all types-from Web Forms, Windows Forms, and Web services to solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft code names "Avalon" and "Indigo", consoles, NT Service, and more. Targeted to advanced developers and software designers, this book takes you under the covers of .NET for an in-depth understanding of its structure, functions, and operational components, demonstrating the most practical ways to apply this knowledge to your own development efforts. You'll master fundamental design tenets for .NET, and get hands-on insights for creating high-performance applications more easily and efficiently. The book features extensive code examples in Microsoft Visual C# 2005.

Interesting textbook: Law and Aging or Microeconomics

Why Mr. Right Can't Find You: The Surprising Answers That Will Change Your Life--And His

Author: J M Kearns

"If you've been on the lookout for ages but still haven't found the One, this is for you... you'll be in the arms of your true love in no time!" - OK! Magazine

Mr. Right is out there now - and the woman he wants is You.

Yes, you...as you are right now.

Why Mr. Right Can't Find You exposes the classic myths of dating and reveals the surprising secrets of true compatibility. giving you the tools to eliminate the Mr. Wrongs and, more importantly. to recognize the perfect man for you. No more playing games or second-guessing. with this book you will discover that any time is the right time to meet Mr. Right, that online dating can be the most successful way to find a partner, and, above all, that you ideal mate is out there now, looking for you. You just have to give him a little help...and this book tells you how.

Witty and down-to-earth, this practical guide will turn everything you thought you knew about mating and dating on its head.

Publishers Weekly

Practical, encouraging and giddily optimistic, regular guy Kearns is convinced that "the world is full of lonely winners," but that the hunt for Mr. Right is often unsuccessful because women are taught, consciously and otherwise, not to make themselves available, and thus "don't give themselves enough of a choice." Kearns directs the lovelorn to embrace every opportunity to meet people, no matter how trivial the occasion, and not just when you're "ready for a Vogue cover shot." As women's own barriers to meeting people are the first that must come down, Kearns gently undermines the conventions and insecurities that keep them from actively and effectively seeking a mate, including self-defeating myths ("Serious relationships never begin in bars") and media-inspired body-image issues. Part one takes apart the myriad rituals of courtship, including chapters on "How Women Choose Men" and vice-versa, "The Perfect Place to Meet" and "Going Out Alone." He then tackles the "True and False Signs of Compatibility" across a number of axes (sense of humor, sex, goals), and devotes part three to destigmatizing and demystifying the online dating scene with a detailed step-by-step primer. Personal anecdotes round out this thorough, thoughtful and entirely upbeat dating guide.
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Table of Contents:


Part One: Finding Mr. Right in the Real World.

1. Is There really a Mr. Right For You?

2. Before You Can Mate, You Have to Meet.

3. How Men Choose Women.

4. How Women Choose Men.

5. The Perfect Place to Meet.

6. The Truth About Bars.

7. Why Women Don't Go To Bars Alone.

8. Going Out Alone.

9. A Chapter In Transition.

Part Two: Recognizing Mr. Right: The True and False Signs of Compatibility.

10. Compatibility 101.

11. Compatibility 21.

12. Personality and Emotional Makeup.

13. Sense of Humor.

14. Sexual Compatibility.

15. Body Issues.

16. Life Goals and Agenda.

17. Culture.

18. Family and Other Values.

Part Three: Finding Mr. Right Online.

19. Why Online is the Answer to Your Prayers.

20. Overview of the Process.

21. Look Before You Pay.

22. Headline and Introduction.

23. Photo Philosophy.

24. A Good Photo.

25. Honesty and Body Image.

26. Choosing a Dating Site.

27. Matchmaking Sites.

28. Getting to Know Him.

29. The First In-Person Meeting.


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