Monday, December 29, 2008

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Revealed or Spore Limited Edition Bundle

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Revealed

Author: Sherry Bishop

Whether you're looking for a step-by-step guide to introduce you to Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 or a solid reference to assist you as you continue your work in web design, this is the resource you've been looking for! Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Revealed uses detailed, vibrant illustrations, clear, straightforward lessons, and real-world case studies to provide an overview of the Dreamweaver interface and how to use it effectively. This latest edition includes expanded content on using CSS, inserting video files, using Adobe Bridge CS3, conducting browser compatibility checks and more, reflecting the most recent updates to the Dreamweaver software, as well as those that have occurred in the larger environment of web design. Sidebars throughout the book incorporate basic web design principles, providing readers with a skill set that goes beyond the software interface and can be applied in a variety of situations.

Table of Contents:
1. Getting Started with Dreamweaver 2. Developing a Web Page 3. Working with Text and Graphics 4. Working with Links 5. Working with Tables 6. Managing and Publishing a Web Site 7. Collecting Data with Forms 8. Using Cascading Style Sheets 9. Positioning Objects with Layers 10. Adding Media Objects 11. Creating and Using Templates 12. Working with Library Items and Snippets

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Spore Limited Edition Bundle: Prima Official Game Guide

Author: Prima Games

The Evolution Includes:
Concept art sketches from every stage of the game.
•Exclusive introduction from Will Wright.
•Hear it from the Spore team in their own words!
Lost levels, designer tools, hilarious anecdotes, and more behind-the-scene glimpses than you can shake a flagella at!

The Official Game Guide Includes:
•Exclusive Spore poster and comic!
•Make cool creatures, fantastical buildings, and strange vehicles with our expert modeling tips.
•Follow the evolution of our Spore from single-celled Lumpy to Space RangerVonClumpy!
•Full catalog of creator parts, complete with stats and tips for use.
•Super abilities, achievements, and enough detail to please any evolved tool user.

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