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SSH The Secure Shell or Wileys Teach Yourself C 7th Edition

SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide

Author: Daniel J Barrett

Secure your computer network with SSH! With end-to-end strong encryption, reliable public-key authentication, and a highly configurable client/server architecture, SSH (Secure Shell) is a popular, robust, TCP/IP-based solution to many network security and privacy concerns. It supports secure remote logins, secure file transfer between computers, and a unique "tunneling" capability that adds encryption to otherwise insecure network applications. Best of all, SSH is free, with feature-filled commercial versions available as well.

SSH, The Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide covers the Secure Shell in detail for both system administrators and end users. It demystifies the SSH man pages and includes thorough coverage of:

  • Basic to advanced use of SSH client tools for Unix, Windows, and Macintosh.
  • Installing, configuring, and maintaining SSH (with special tips for large data centers).
  • The three levels of SSH server control: compile-time and server-wide configuration for administators, and per-account configuration for end users.
  • Application tunneling, port and agent forwarding, and forced commands.
  • Undocumented features of popular SSH implementations.
  • Detailed case studies of creating complex applications with SSH.
  • Troubleshooting a wide variety of common and not-so-common problems.
Whether you're communicating on a small LAN or across the Internet, SSH can ship your data from "here" to "there" efficiently and securely. So throw away those insecure .rhosts and hosts.equiv files, move up to SSH, and make your network a safe place to live and work.

About the Author:
Daniel J. Barrett, Ph.D., has been immersed in Internet technology since 1985. Currently a software engineer and vice president at a well-known financial services company, Dan has also been a heavy metal singer, Unix system administrator, university lecturer, web designer, and humorist.

Dan has written several other O'Reilly books, including NetResearch: Finding Information Online and Bandits on the Information Superhighway, as well as monthly columns for Compute! and Keyboard Magazine. He and his family reside in Boston.

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Wiley's Teach Yourself C++, 7th Edition

Author: Al Stevens

* The number one C++ self-study course from the nation's number one C++ authority, the author of the Dr. Dobb's Journal "C Programming" column since 1988
* Completely updated with the latest revisions to the C++ compilers, this book uses a tutorial approach to teach one of the most widely used, yet hard to learn, programming languages-more than 100,000 copies sold over all editions
* Provides a complete working program to teach each lesson and carefully builds on previous lessons for greater understanding
* CD-ROM includes a complete Windows-hosted IDE and C++ compiler suite, allowing the reader to compile, run, and experiment with the example programs for a complete tutorial experience

Table of Contents:
Pt. IThe C++ Language1
Ch. 1An Introduction to Programming in C++3
Ch. 2Writing Simple C++ Programs15
Ch. 3Functions53
Ch. 4Program Flow Control69
Ch. 5C++ Data Type Organization89
Ch. 6Structures and Unions105
Ch. 7More About C++ Data123
Ch. 8Pointers, Addresses, and Dynamic Memory Allocation135
Ch. 9Reference Variables159
Ch. 10Recursion169
Ch. 11The Preprocessor177
Ch. 12Function Templates193
Ch. 13Program Organization201
Pt. IIWorking with Classes219
Ch. 14C++ Classes221
Ch. 15Constructors and Destructors229
Ch. 16Conversion241
Ch. 17Arrays of Class Objects253
Ch. 18Class Members259
Ch. 19Friends275
Ch. 20Classes and the Heap283
Ch. 21Overloading Operators291
Ch. 22Class Libraries317
Ch. 23Class Inheritance327
Ch. 24Multiple Inheritance361
Ch. 25Class Templates375
Pt. IIIThe Standard C++ Library393
Ch. 26Standard C Library Functions395
Ch. 27Introduction to the Standard C++ Library415
Ch. 28Formatting IOStreams and the stringstream Classes427
Ch. 29File I/O Streams441
Pt. IVThe Standard Template Library461
Ch. 30Introduction to STL463
Ch. 31STL Sequence Containers469
Ch. 32Associative Containers497
Ch. 33Genetic Algorithms533
Ch. 34Iterators557
Pt. VAdvanced Topics573
Ch. 35Exception Handling575
Ch. 36Namespaces597
Ch. 37C++ Typecasts607
Ch. 38Runtime Type Information (RTTI)615
Ch. 39Locales621
Ch. 40Object-Oriented Programming631
App. ALibrary Listings643
App. BWhat's on the CD-ROM?657
App. CQuincy 2002 User's Guide659
App. DC++ Reference Tables665
App. E: Bibliography671
End-User License Agreement705

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