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BlackBerry Pearl for Dummies or Mike Meyers Security Certification Passport

BlackBerry Pearl for Dummies

Author: Dante Sarigumba

The excitement of purchasing a Blackberry Pearl can only be outdone by the confusion of how to use it. How do you check your e-mail? How do you play music and video? What are PIN-to-PIN messages? Where do you find cool stuff to customize your Pearl?

With Blackberry Pearl for Dummies, you’ll discover all the answers to these questions and see how to use your new PDA to its maximum potential. This down-to-earth guide explores all of Pearl’s features and shows you cool ways to make your Pearl your Pearl. Clear, step-by-step instructions explain all the parts of the Pearl and give you the know-how to:

• Get organized with the Address Book, Calendar, and MemoPad

• Manage e-mail and send instant messages

• Surf the Internet

• Dial and receive calls

• Set up your voicemail service

• Take photos and create slideshows

• Access the multimedia player

• Use Desktop Manager

• Protect and secure your Pearl

But don’t think that this book is a plain, boring, just-the-facts type of guide. It will cue you in on how to personalize your Pearl with fun games, wallpaper, ringtones, and more. If you like news and entertainment, it also suggests some nifty programs that are a must-have. This is not just any ordinary PDA, and Blackberry Pearl for Dummies shows you why!

Table of Contents:
Introduction     1
About This Book     1
Who Are You?     2
What's in This Book     2
Meet and Greet Your BlackBerry Pearl     3
Getting Organized with Your Pearl     3
Getting Multimedia and Online with Your Pearl     3
Working with Desktop Manager     3
The Part of Tens     4
Icons in This Book     4
Where to Go from Here     4
Meet and Greet Your BlackBerry Pearl     5
Your BlackBerry Is Not an Edible Fruit     7
Knowing Your BlackBerry History     8
How It Works: The Schematic Approach     9
The role of the network service provider     9
Connecting to your personal computer     10
Doing the BlackBerry world-traveler thing     10
Oh, the Things You Can Do!     12
All-in-one multimedia center     12
Internet at your fingertips     12
Me and my great personal assistant     13
Me and my chatty self     13
Look, Dad, no hands!     14
Final BlackBerry Tidbits     14
Power efficiency     14
Memory management     15
A sentry is always on duty     15
Navigating the Pearl     17
Anatomy 101     17
Display screen     19
SureType keyboard     20
Escape key     23
Trackball - a.k.a. the Pearl     23
Menu key     23
MicroSD slot     24
Navigation Guidelines     25
Switching applications     26
Changing options     26
Turning On Your BlackBerry Pearl (and Keeping It Happy)     27
Making Your BlackBerry Pearl Yours     27
Branding your BlackBerry Pearl     28
Choose a language, any language     29
Typing with ease using AutoText     29
Inserting macros     31
Getting your dates and times lined up     31
Customizing your screen's look and feel     32
Tuning Pearl navigation     33
Choosing themes for your BlackBerry     35
Wallpaper for your BlackBerry     37
Let freedom ring     38
Power Usage and Consumption     43
Keeping Your BlackBerry Safe     44
Who Ya Gonna Call (When Your BlackBerry Pearl Breaks)?     46
Getting Organized with Your Pearl     47
Remembering and Locating Your Acquaintances     49
Accessing Your Address Book     49
Working with Address Book Names     50
Creating a new contact     50
Adding contacts from other BlackBerry applications     52
Viewing a contact     53
Editing a contact     53
Deleting a contact     54
Looking for Someone?     54
Organizing Your Contacts     56
Creating a group     57
Using the Filter feature on your contacts     59
Setting preferences     61
Locating a Contact Using Maps     62
Never Miss Another Appointment     63
Accessing the BlackBerry Pearl Calendar     64
Choosing Your Calendar View     64
Moving between Time Frames     66
Customizing Your Calendar     67
All Things Appointments: Adding, Opening, and Deleting     69
Creating an appointment     69
Opening an appointment     72
Deleting an appointment     73
Making Notes and Keeping Your Words     75
MemoPad     75
Accessing MemoPad     76
Jotting down notes     76
Viewing your notes      77
Updating your notes     77
Deleting your notes     77
Quickly finding a note     78
The Password Keeper     79
Accessing Password Keeper     79
Setting a password for Password Keeper     80
Creating new credentials     81
Random password generation     82
Using your password     82
Password Keeper options     83
Getting Multimedia and Going Online With your Pearl     85
You've Got (Lots of) E-Mail     87
Getting Up and Running with E-Mail     87
Using the BlackBerry Internet Service client     88
Combining your e-mail accounts into one     88
Adding an e-mail account     89
Configuring your e-mail signature     90
Enabling wireless reconciliation     91
Accessing Messages     92
Receiving e-mails     93
Sending e-mail     96
Adding a sender to your Address Book     97
Filtering your e-mail     98
Searching through Your Messages Like a Pro     100
Running a general search     100
Saving search results     102
Reusing saved search results     103
Long Live E-Mail     103
Too Cool for E-Mail     105
Sending and Receiving PIN-to-PIN Messages     106
Getting a BlackBerry PIN     106
Assigning PINs to names     107
Sending a PIN-to-PIN message     107
Receiving a PIN-to-PIN message     108
Keeping in Touch, the SMS/MMS Way     108
Sending a text or multimedia message     109
Viewing or listening to a message you receive     109
Always Online Using Instant Messaging     110
Chatting using IM rules     110
IM basics: What you need     111
Using BlackBerry Messenger     114
Surfing the Internet Wave     117
Getting Started with the BlackBerry Browser     117
Accessing Browser     117
Hitting the (air)waves     119
Navigating Web pages     119
Saving a Web page address     122
Sending an address by e-mail     123
Saving Web images     123
Bookmarking Your Favorite Sites     123
Adding a bookmark     123
Available offline     124
Modifying a bookmark     124
Organizing your bookmarks     125
Browser Options and Optimization Techniques     126
Browser Configuration screen     127
General Properties screen     128
Cache operations screen     129
Calling Your Favorite Person     131
Using the BlackBerry Phone Application     131
Making and Receiving Calls     132
Making a call     132
Receiving a call     133
Phone Options While on a Call     134
Muting your call     134
Adjusting the call volume     135
Customizing the BlackBerry Phone     135
Setting up your voice mail number     135
Using call forwarding     135
Configuring speed dial     137
Arranging Conference Calls     138
Talking privately to a conference participant     140
Alternate between phone conversations     140
Dropping that meeting hugger     141
Communicating Hands-Free     141
Using the speaker phone     141
Pairing your BlackBerry with a Bluetooth headset     142
Using voice dialing     143
Multitasking While on the Phone     144
Taking Great Pictures with Your Pearl     145
Say Cheese      145
The Screen Indicators     146
Choosing picture quality     146
Zooming and focusing     147
Setting the flash     147
Working with Pictures     148
Viewing     148
Slide show     148
Trashing     148
Listing     149
Picture properties     149
Organizing your pictures     150
Sharing your pictures     152
Setting a picture as the caller ID     152
Setting a Home screen image     152
Other Important Camera Options     153
Satisfy All Your Senses with the Media Player     155
Accessing Media     155
Folder navigation     156
Let the music play     157
Now showing     159
Lord of the ringtones     159
Picture this     159
Turn it down or blast it off     160
Commonly used navigation     160
Working with Media Files     161
Importing your media collection     162
Synchronizing with iTunes     162
Sharing media files using Bluetooth     162
Downloading tunes     163
Working with Desktop Manager      165
Synching the Synchronize Way     167
Introduction to BlackBerry Desktop Manager     168
Launching BDM     168
Connecting BDM to your Pearl     169
Setting Up Synchronize     169
Configuring PIM synchronization     170
Confirming record changes     171
Resolving update conflicts     172
Ready, Set, Synchronize!     174
Synchronize Now     174
Automatic synchronization     175
Managing Your Media on Your Pearl     175
Protecting Your Information     177
Accessing Backup and Restore     178
Backing Up BlackBerry Style     178
Backing up your BlackBerry manually     178
Setting up automatic backups     180
Full Restore from Backup Information     181
Protecting Your Data, Your Way     182
Backing up, your way     183
Restoring, your way     184
Clearing BlackBerry information, your way     185
Using Your Pearl as a Portable Flash Drive     187
The Media Card     188
Acquiring one     188
Inserting the card     189
Formatting the card      189
Setting to mass storage mode     190
Copying Files between the PC and Pearl     190
Securing Your Files     191
Setting a device password     192
Encrypting media files     192
The Part of Tens     195
Ten Great BlackBerry Accessories     197
Cases for Protection and Style     197
BlackBerry Screen Protector     198
MicroSD Memory Card     198
Long Live Your BlackBerry     198
Replenishing Your BlackBerry     199
Bluetooth Hands-Free Headset     199
Full Keyboard     199
External Speaker Phone     200
BlackBerry Car Mount     200
BlackBerry Pearl Cleaner     200
Ten Must-Have BlackBerry Pearl Programs     201
AskMeNow     201
BBToday     202
English Language Acronyms Dictionary for BlackBerry 4.0     202
Berry411     203
Handmark Pocket Express     203
Stock Ticker     203
Wisespent Professional     204
TrackIT: Vehicle Edition     204
Ascendo Fitness for BlackBerry     204
4INF0 Mobile     204
Index      205

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