Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Scripting VMware Power Tools or The Art of Digital Music

Scripting VMware Power Tools: Automating Virtual Infrastructure Administration

Author: Al Muller

This book contains simple and advanced scripting using both ESX and Linux commands to provide awesome virtual tools to automate administrative tasks of ESX Server.

This book will cover the native tools that VMware provides with ESX Server. It will then discuss in detail the different scripting API's and how they can be leveraged to provide some very useful, practical and time saving tools to manage a virtual infrastructure. From virtual server provisioning to backups and everything in between, this book is a one stop shop for virtual tools.

* An essential guide to virtualisation using both Linux and ESX commands

* The companion Web site for book provides dozens for working scripts and tools presented in the book

* Maximise VMware's powerful scripting language to automate time consuming administrative tasks

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The Art of Digital Music: 53 Visionary Artists & Insiders Reveal their Creative Secrets

Author: David Battino

The Art of Digital Music shows firsthand how top artists - pioneers such as Alan Parsons, Herbie Hancock, BT, Todd Rundgren, Steve Reich, and Phil Ramone - use digital technology in their work. Through a dynamic blend of practical, hands-on production tips, inspiring case studies, extensive graphics, and in-depth interviews, the authors explore the creative freedom these new tools afford.

In addition to artist interviews, this entertaining volume features lively discussions with technological pioneers - the producers, engineers, software wizards, and Internet visionaries who are shaping the sound of the future. In addition to audio examples, the accompanying DVD features tours of artists' studios. The Art of Digital Music will appeal to musicians who use technology to make music and fans who want to understand how technology is changing the way music is created, experienced, and shared.

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